March 1, 2012 - Rajesh Odayanchal

Useful Google Operators

Useful Google Operators
Google has several operators that can help you find specific information, specific websites or inquire about the indexing of your own site, below you will find the most important ones:
define: – This operator will find definitions for a certain term or word over the Internet. Very useful when you come across a strange word when writing a post. (i.e. define: opportunity ).
info: – The info operator will list the sets of information that Google has from a specific website (i.e. )
site: – This operator can be used to see the number of indexed pages on your site (i.e. Alternative it can also be used to search for information inside a specific site or class of sites. (i.e. തെയ്യം will search for the term തെയ്യം inside in
link: – The link operator allows you to find backlinks pointing to your site. Unfortunately the count is not updated frequently and not all backlinks are shown (arguably because Google does not want to reveal details about its search algorithm).
allinurl: – Using this operator will limit the search to results that contain the desired keywords on the URL structure. (i.e. allinurl:wikipedia )
fileformat: – Useful operator for findind specific file formats. Sometimes you know that the information you are looking for is likely to be contained in a PDF document or on a PowerPoint presentation, for instance. (i.e. fileformat:.pdf ramayana will search for PDF documents that contain the terms “ramayana”)

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