New Markup Elements for HTML5

New Markup Elements for HTML5

New Markup Elements

New elements for better structure:

Tag Description
For external content, like text from a news-article, blog, forum, or any
other content from an external source
For content aside from the content it is placed in. The aside content should
be related to the surrounding content
A button, or a radiobutton, or a checkbox
For describing details about a document, or parts of a document
A caption, or summary, inside the details element
For grouping a section of
stand-alone content, could be a video
The caption of the figure section
For a footer of a document or section, could include the name of the author, the
date of the document, contact information, or copyright information
For an introduction of a document or section, could include navigation
For a section of headings, using


, where the largest is the main
heading of the section, and the others are sub-headings
For text that should be highlighted
For a measurement, used only if the maximum and minimum values are known
For a section of navigation
The state of a work in progress
For ruby annotation (Chinese notes or characters)
For explanation of the ruby annotation
What to show browsers that do not support the ruby element
For a section in a document. Such as chapters, headers, footers, or any
other sections of the document
For defining a time or a date, or both
Word break. For defining a line-break opportunity.

New Media Elements

HTML5 provides a new standard for media content:

Tag Description
For multimedia content, sounds, music or other audio streams
For video content, such as a movie clip or other video streams
For media resources for media elements, defined inside video or audio
For embedded content, such as a plug-in

The Canvas Element

The canvas element uses JavaScript to make drawings on a web page.

Tag Description
For making graphics with a script

New Form Elements

HTML5 offers more form elements, with more functionality:

Tag Description
A list of options for input values
Generate keys to authenticate users
For different types of output, such as output written by a script

New Input Type Attribute Values

Also, the input element’s type attribute has many new values, for
better input control before sending it to the server:

Type Description
tel The input value is of type telephone number
search The input field is a search field
url The input value is a URL
email The input value is one or more email addresses
datetime The input value is a date and/or time
date The input value is a date
month The input value is a month
week The input value is a week
time The input value is of type time
datetime-local The input value is a local date/time
number The input value is a number
range The input value is a number in a given range
color The input value is a hexadecimal color, like #FF8800

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