December 7, 2011 - Rajesh Odayanchal

Armed Forces Flag Day

7th December every year is celebrated as Armed Forces Flag Day throughout the country.  The Day is named as Armed Forces Flag Day, because on this day a fund is collected by sale of special flags and stickers.  It has now become an old and honored Annual feature of our National life. Many brave and gallant heroes from the Army, Navy and Air Force have laid down their lives while defending the country and they continue to do so and would also do so in the future. On the Flag Day all three branches of the Indian armed forces, the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy, arrange a variety of shows, carnivals, dramas and other entertainment programmes to showcase to the general public the efforts of their personnel to ensure national security. Throughout the country small flags and car flags in red, deep blue and light blue colors representing the three Services are distributed in return for donations.

Armed Forces Flag Day / specialday

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