About Me

About Me

Rajesh K
Sr. Software Engineer at CareerNet Technologies, Bangalore

I am a very positive, diverse, intelligent, and independent man with an amazing outlook on life and a great sense of humor. I would describe myself as fun, well mannered, confident, driven, successful, intellectual, and sophisticated. I am romantic, have a great sense of humor and am very caring. I am non judgmental, accepting, and value people for who not what they are. I am very social, outgoing  and playful. Very passionate, laid back, sensual, sensitive and very loyal. I am not the jealous type and believe you keep what you set free. Honesty, ethics, integrity, and always doing the right thing – even when no one is watching are important.

 I love art, culture, and music. I pride myself in being flexible, malleable, and open. I work hard and play hard. I adapt well to all situations. I am well cultured, well traveled, and have a heightened sense of awareness and appreciation for others. My goals in life are to grow, learn, experience, and challenge myself. I am a perfect dichotomy of rugged and compassionate, serious and carefree, and business and pleasure. I can party like a rock star and still keep it together.

I love the finer things in life but I am also very humble, appreciative, and will never forget my roots. Balance and moderation are essential components to a happy and healthy existence. I am an amazing listener and excellent communicator. I believe it is important to ameliorate my ideas, successes, shortcomings, and beliefs often.

I live my life by the following: You can sleep when you are dead. We miss 100 percent of the shots we don’t take and once we are satisfied we never get better. Time is the only asset in life you can never get back or recover. I am never afraid to take a chance and rarely miss an opportunity.

Software Development:
Its my passion, I can’t live without them. As being a computer science student, I have developed some software while my academic activities in C programming Language and Visual Basic also. I have developed many projects using Visual Basic and Oracle in my First Company. 

Web Designing:
Website always passionate me since I visited first website in my life. I always dream to make own site some day. So finally the come into my life and now I have developed many of the websites. Interesting thing about behind my website  designing was that, the day which i have planned for my website that day i was nil in web designing the will power inside me which provoked me to go for it and at last i achieved my goal.

Graphics Designing:
As I have interest in the field of drawing and painting, and being computer as my carrier I use to do graphics works. I m a self taught graphics… I have done a lot of graphics work. I use to do work in Photoshop, Corel, and illustrator. I have done different projects for different companies. I  have designed logos, CD covers, posters, banners for many firms and society, as well as many company presentations templates.
Painting is my main hobby which I started doing from the age of 12 years. I use to do painting in different ways and mediums like water color, oil color, acrylic colors and mix media. My strong part in painting is water color in which I really love to work.

I have also a deep interest in the field of photography; it’s just a part of my hobby which allows me to capture some exciting moments. In this I generally love to shoot nature, wildlife, compositions.

A Message to art students:
The art of painting is a mysterious activity. That is why I believe there is nothing like modern art or Fine art, Indian art or western art – there is just art. An artist draws and paints for his own satisfaction. What he paints & how he paints is entirely a matter of his personal choice. It is often said that art is visual poetry, I think it’s also music, where harmony, balance, rhythm are very important.
Interest and involvement are the two important things for the study of art. Art can be learn – provided you have tremendous interest in the subject. And a sense of involvement will definitely solve the different problems which you have to face while studying art. There are various things are a part of its vocabulary. Just like music art too requires rigorous practice – I don’t think there is any short cut in this field. And if your interest in art becomes a part of you, then it helps to accelerate your progress. Because art is not a means, to attain an end – it is an end in itself. When you reach that mental state where art becomes your passion, your life, then you are free. You are then like a bird, soaring in the sky of joy.

Thank you!

Rajesh K Odayanchal

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